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Outpatient Surgery

About Your Insurance

Your physician's Surgical Coordinator will contact your insurance company to verify your coverage and to obtain authorization/pre-certification as necessary for your physician's services. Authorization for surgery by your insurance company does not guarantee payment of benefits. Please make sure that you have given the office staff complete up to date insurance information when you first arrive for your consultation and continue to update the staff and/or surgical coordinator of any changes to your coverage.

We strongly recommend that you contact your insurance carrier as well to obtain an understanding of your coverage as it pertains to the entire surgical package. This office is only responsible for obtaining authorization and coverage information for your surgeon. Insurance coverage verification for all hospital charges and anesthesia charges are not the responsibility of our office. Please contact our business office to receive assistance with any and all payment issues.

Pre-Operative Instructions

You should stop aspirin or anti-inflammatory agents 5 days prior to a surgical procedure.  This is also true for Heparin or Plavix.  If you have a pacemaker or implanted defibrillator, special things have to be done so make sure that the office staff knows.  Some people with certain medical conditions will require a surgical clearance prior to anesthesia.

The Day Before Your Surgery

You will be seen by Dr. Adler the day before (sometimes the day of) the procedure.  At that visit, we will start the physical exam that is required by the hospital.  We will go over your medication, or herbal remedies. The surgical procedure will be confirmed and we will go over all questions.  It is helpful to bring your discussion sheet at this visit. 

It is important not to eat or drink after midnight prior to your surgery. If you are advised to continue taking medication by your physician remember to take it with only a sip of water.

Make transportation arrangements for a responsible adult to drive you to the hospital prior to surgery, to drive you home following the release from surgery and to be available to you after surgery. HOSPITAL REGULATIONS PREVENT YOU FROM DRIVING OR TAKING PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION FOLLOWING YOUR DISCHARGE FROM SURGERY.

The Day of Your Surgery

You will be asked to arrive at the hospital or surgical center usually two hours ahead of your scheduled surgery. The hospital will contact you the business day before your surgery.

You will leave the hospital or surgical center after surgery with a very large bulky dressing. Plan your clothes accordingly.

After Your Surgery

Following surgery, you will be seen the next week.  You will be told at the time of discharge when.

Suture Removal

Extremity wound sutures are removed at 12-14 days post surgery.

Returning to Work

Increased soreness after returning to work should be anticipated.  Please do not return to work until we have discussed it and know you can tolerate it.